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Universal Studios Theme Parks Sucks. Universal Parks & Resorts, also known as Universal Studios Theme Parks or solely Universal Theme Parks, is the theme park unit of NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. The company, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, operates Universal theme parks and resort properties around the world. Universal Parks & Resorts is best known for attractions and lands based on famous classic and modern pop culture.

A customer shared their experience at the Universal Studio Theme parks in a review, "I would not stay at a Universal property again. The theme park is fun but way too expensive. We did the express pass that was ridiculously expensive. The Resort need updating. The best part is the free transportation between the resort and the theme parks. Not even the ride between the airport and the resort is included. I had the meal plan but it doesn't include the restaurants at the resorts. I love kids but try to get into the hot tub! Good luck! There were at least 20 kids in it at all times. I've been to Disney and that is where I will go from now on."

One employee also said in an interview, If you have family this job is not for you. If you have anything going on in your life this is not the job for you. If you love working and being alone and getting mistreated then this is the job for you! Hard times in your life they don’t care as long as you come to work your outside life is not important to them. I had a manage tell me “you knew what you signed up for” when I wanted to go part time what kind of response is that."


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Food & Beverage Warehouse Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Worked in food and beverage warehouse. Enjoyed the physical aspect of the job. Unfortunately, management were extremely disorganized and manipulative. Cons: Shady supervisors who create impossible standards"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Do you really? I know. It's the prospect of the free tickets and you can go to the parks for free anytime. Right? Because it's definitely not for the pay. It is not worth it. They will do unimaginable things to you. You are starry eyed because it is a theme park so how can it be such a miserable place to work? It starts out o.k. and then when you are on an eight-hour shift and after six hours still no break, not even to use the restroom. The pieces begin to fall into place. After a couple of months, you can't take it anymore and your fellow team members are suffering too. So, you decide to visit HR and complain about horrific working conditions. Next your lead or worse your area manager (I use the word manager very loosely. It is a child with a title.) has a sit down with you. They seem to care but instead you now have a target on your back. Now they will watch you very closely and pick on the most minor infraction they can find just to harass you and try to get you to quit. If that doesn't work the write ups begin. Now they are going to tarnish your fine reputation. When you go for another job, the application will ask if you have ever been disciplined by a previous employer? This will continue until they break you. If you are strong willed enough to tolerate the punishment they will wait until the opportunity presents itself and that's when you will see the true Universal Orlando. They will fire you, fabricate evidence and file a false police report to get you trespassed for life. OPD is corrupt and on their payroll since they work for Universal. Now you have written disciplines, Cons: Constant harassment."

Barista (Former Employee) says

"I put in nearly 5 years of hardwork. The team leads and managers act so cliquish and childish. I cried almost everyday working here. I would never recommend working here to anyone especially not at Starbucks usf."

Trainer/Server, cashier (Former Employee) says

"If you have family this job is not for you. If you have anything going on in your life this is not the job for you. If you love working and being alone and getting mistreated then this is the job for you! Hard times in your life they don’t care as long as you come to work your outside life is not important to them. I had a manage tell me “you knew what you signed up for” when I wanted to go part time what kind of response is that. Cons: Pay, people, loss of self respect"

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers could care less what happens to you. Don't ever go above and beyond in your workplace, management will never listen to your recommendations but they will later say they came up with the idea. Leads are usually great, but you'll almost never see management come through on anything. I had three managers above several leads and the managers were almost never seen. No conflict resolution, no help with guests Cons: Managers have an IQ of 0.001"

Executive Chef (Former Employee) says

"harassed by managers and reporting them to HR will get you fired, they protect the offenders, before the victims. they said they will investigate, but they never do so"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"If you think this is the rant of just another disgruntled employee you would be mistaken. Let this serve as a warning to anyone who considers working for this place. Should you decide to work there after reading this, whatever happens is on you and you alone."

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"Working for Universal was a joke. If they don’t like you, rather than fire you they’ll just frame you and anyone who likes you for something stupid like stealing or inappropriate behavior in front of guests. Stay away from this toxic job with inconsistent terrible hours and subpar pay. Cons: Everything else"

Data Architect (Former Employee) says

"Will not recommend anyone working there it was bad They have no idea what are they doing and management is ridiculously stupid and incompetent. Donotwoek there"

Sales Counselor (Former Employee) says

"This is not the place that it was before, recently corporate greed attacked this place and they change the incentive -commission structure and people came from making 500 a week to zero or 10 to 15 dollars a week. The supervisors and manager are good people but they already lost the battle. They won't fight for anything better for their teams because they are so afraid of getting fired and not being good for anything else they just won't do it. They increased hourly rates recently but because they change the incentive commission structure everybody is actually making about 40% less take home. Cons: Too much greed."

Lifeguard (Former Employee) says

"They do not care about you at all ! The have young people as leads that don’t know their but from a hole in the ground. You don’t get bathroom breaks! You are just a number there! The management there lie to your face and do not help you or care about your family death! I liked working there only because I love dealing with the guest if they are nice to you or not! Surprise more people there have not Drowned it"

Security Screening Officer (Former Employee) says

"This is real life. This place treats people in such a disgusting manner I don't like to admit I was part of this place for so long. I started in attractions and three months later I was in security mainly because I needed full time hours and I always enjoyed security work. I liked that I was screening the guests and team members for a potential threat. I felt I was making a difference and providing a safe environment for all of us. After six months and being able to stop and take a look at management, what we were doing and how we were performing is when I realized there was a problem. We betrayed the public trust each and every day giving them a false sense of security. Yes we found contraband such as knives and multi tools guests were not permitted to possess inside the park but most of the officers were so focused on those items, especially illegal alcohol they were blind to things like firearms and never mind and IED. Even with x ray after years of screening I would have difficulty detecting and explosive device because we were not trained to recognize it. The trainers had the other items mentioned but not a mock IED or firearm. Then we had the officers who were there just to collect a check and get their free tickets and discounts. They were nothing more than a stuffed uniform going through the motions and not screening people properly. These individuals are especially dangerous operating x ray. Most of the time they didn't watch the screen as bag after bag would go by sometimes with contraband inside. I would be at the wanders position post x ray and could see what they"

Security Screening Officer (Current Employee) says

"My time at Universal has been extremely disappointing. Management here is a joke. Supervisors and managers are nothing more than team members who advanced through attrition and not by merit. If someone in management quits or gets fired, rather than placing the most qualified candidate in that role, they give the job who is just next in line or the friend of a manager. Having the right last name is very helpful too. From that point on they are permitted to run amok. They have no management experience or job experience and now they are your boss. Yes even a status lead can write you up and discipline you like a supervisor or manager. They are trained from day one to be just as every bit as vindictive as the people training them. Being mean seems to be the only way they know how to manage. They are never wrong and they will lie to protect each other. They will fabricate evidence and even coerce other team members to falsify documents to write you up or fire you. Cons: Vindictive Management"

Security Screening Officer (Current Employee) says

"Do not even consider working for this place. Should you decide to work here keep one thing in mind, they are all deceptive and they all lie to protect each other. It starts with the sergeants and goes all the way up the chain. They will lie to write you up and a supervisor will swear to it. If it is a supervisor lying then a manager will swear to it and so on. If you go to HR for any reason regardless of how poorly you and your co workers are being treated you are signing your own death warrant. Universal Orlando Resort's HR department regularly practices victim intimidation and directly contradicts the values Comcast claims to stand for. They will deprive you of income by reducing your hours. They will tell you they don't have the hours while all your co workers are complaining they are part time and working full time hours. They will find any reason to screw with you hoping you will make it easy for them and quit. They all protect each other and quite frankly upper management does not care in the least. Should you decide to leave or if you are fired and go at them with an attorney or file a complaint with a state agency, that is when the real smear campaign begins. They will make up stories about you and and have managers swear that you threatened one of them and called several team members making threats. They will fabricate a multitude of lies and even go as far as falsifying documents. Then they are foolish enough to put these lies in writing and send it to someone. Even if you leave on good terms I would absolutely NOT use them as a reference. If you do NO ONE will hire Cons: Hostile environment. Harassment. Horrible work conditions"

Fiberglass Technician II (Former Employee) says

"Tasks are often difficult to understand, for new team members the hard tasks are given to them. In reality team work does not exist. Management is really horrible decision between disputes are based on seniority not facts.Very poor decision making practices.Management especially at Central Workshops is very biased. The rate of turnover is high they are always hiring because people quit all the time,Honestly I had a very bad experience for 5 months I worked there. Do yourself a favor go work somewhere else. Cons: short breaks"

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"...Insignificant, Belittled and Arrogance. These are just some of the words you will become familiar with working at Universal. They have created a culture of nepotism, retaliation and intimidation. When you are hired they will tell you they will work around your schedule if you have special needs like certain days off for school or child care issues etc. You will think for the first few months how great the job is. You're working at a world famous theme park, you get free admission and comp. passes for family and friends. Then they will insult you with perks like your free turkey at Thanksgiving, your holiday discount book with coupons for free popcorn etc. They act like they are treating you like gold."

Merchandise Associate (Former Employee) says

"I resigned from my job because they don't treat their employees well. I made a complaint at HR about how one of their ride attendants talked to me when I was a guest and they turned it around to make ME seem like the bad one. They also don't provide accomodation for employees with severe anxiety disorders. The only option I was provided by HR was to resign so I had no choice to because I felt boxed in a corner. Cons: Horrible HR"

Accounts Payable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I actually loved my job in the beginning. I always love my job, because my jobs helped me maintain and take care of my family. A typical day, clock in, dive into repetitive work, clock out. Sometimes you're done before your shift has ended. Universal allows you to cross work. I use to work in a different department but then i felt targeted and i felt as though that's why i wasnt allowed to transfer or promote in 2 years. I watched other people who were hired after me, that i trained progressed over me. It was devastation. Cons: if one manager doesnt like you, you dont get to move around."

Security Officer (Full-time) says

"They quite frankly do not care about anyone. People are left in the extreme heat without shelter and bathroom breaks to the point where security officers have wet themselves and gotten bladder infections. We have been at a boat dock post freezing to death because the heater did not work but, they wheeled out a heater to keep their precious silver palm trees from dying. Cons: All of the above."

Lab Assistant Hulk Attraction (Former Employee) says

"Human Recourses very insulated if you have an issue. no leadership accountability. poor empowerment programs. regent schedule, not open to any changes of any kind due to hardship Cons: poor leadership accountability"

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